Renewable, Sustainable, Resilient Leadership

Oct 27, 2022 | Leadership

I work with the leaders to allow them to create the change that they are seeking without burning themselves out. 

Just as at a global level we are seeking renewable sources of energy, at an individual level we can find ways of working that don’t leave us exhausted and diminished at the end of each day or week or role. 

We do this through coaching by:

  • Identifying the ways in which the ways in which we work are sapping our energy
  • Understanding ways in which we can more effectively harness our passions
  • Finding ways to restore our batteries regularly – through micro practices and well as more substantive ones
  • Understanding that we are not acting in isolation and really tapping into what a network of support looks like
  • Understanding what our own sources of energy are – what gives and what takes
  • Using all the resources we have – head, heart and mind. 
  • Building resilience so we have reserveds
  • Trying new things – harnessing new ‘technology’ (aka understanding of leadership) and losing patterns that are no longer working for us
  • Getting clarity on where we want to be attracting our attention.