What’s your question?

When you stop and pause from the busy-ness and full-ness of your every day life, what is the burning question that you would like to answer? Sometimes these questions shout themselves from the top of buildings, sometimes they are more like a persistent whisper in your ear.

Some of these questions include:

• How do I rise to the new challenge or opportunity that has presented itself to me (at work or in my personal life)?

• How do I better balance all the competing priorities that are demanded of me?

• How do I manage a major transition in my life in ways that bring me satisfaction and joy?

• How do I connect what I do better in to my values and purpose?

• How can I become unstuck from whatever it is that is holding me back?

What do you need?

In my experience life is complex – and nearly always challenging. Sometimes in ways which are exhilarating and inspiring, and sometimes in ways that overwhelm and bog us down. Sometimes we feel as though we are fully equipped to navigate these challenges on our own and have all the capacities and support we need to move forward. At other times though we find ourselves longing for someone else to help travel alongside and provide support. At these points, a coach can often be of help, to provide a compassionate yet impartial perspective, to help you tap into tools and capacities you already have but may not be fully realizing or to help point you to additional resources outside of your current reach.

What’s my approach?

I am fully committed to supporting you wherever you are at. I create a safe space to explore whatever the questions, challenges and opportunities are that you want to address within the context of your whole life. We use a blend of discussion, self reflections, practices and exercises over the course of 10-12 sessions to allow you to gain new insights, adopt new ways of being and reflect on whether this is leading to the outcomes you are seeking. This is a partnership between the coach and the client that evolves with the program.

How do we do this?

I am experienced in both in-person and virtual coaching. I have coached across timezones and cultures and can be flexible to meet your needs. Please reach out for a free 30 minute consultation to see if I can support you.

Testimonial – Executive Director

“When I started working with Anna, I was new to the city and new to my first Executive Director role – experiencing a lot of change and growth all at once. Anna was a stabilizing presence in so many ways: equipping me with some important tools to center myself and bring my whole self to my new role, perspectives to help me allocate my energy, and opportunities to sound out some nascent ideas before moving forward into what felt like a great unknown. I have grown a lot as a leader in the past year, and Anna’s coaching was a key ingredient. For anyone looking to grow personally or professionally, or make space for some guided self-reflection, Anna would be a wonderful partner.”

Executive Director – Portland Non Profit

Testimonial – Executive Director

“We all question our path at some point, or get lost along the way. Anna Young has a gift for enabling people find and navigate their way through life’s obstacles and opportunities. She listens deeply. She identifies and pushes boundaries that hold us back. And she draws on her own rich life experiences to explore interrelated professional and personal challenges. Working with Anna as a coach was instrumental in helping me reconnect with my sources of creativity and purpose. I came away with both the tools and courage to see and seek new possibilities, and to deepen important relationships, including with myself.”

Senior Director – International Humanitarian Organization

Testimonial – Director

“When I first met with Anna, I didn’t know what to expect and was slightly apprehensive. However, Anna’s warmth and easy-going demeanor quickly put me at ease and allowed me to realize the opportunity in front of me. I was able to talk openly, honestly, and in-depth about the issues I faced at work in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Anna provides a balanced outside perspective, which focused both on the positive aspects of my work that drives me forward and provided feedback to make improvements in the more challenging aspects. I cannot stress enough the benefits of being able to meet regularly, one-on-one, with someone whose only motivation is to assist you in moving forward with your personal and professional goals, which Anna provides every session.”

Director, Non Profit Organization

About Me

My name is Anna – originally from the United Kingdom, I have been living in other countries for nearly 20 years, working in leadership development and organizational learning. I have a passion for learning and supporting others and helping each of us live to our full potential whatever that may be. I like to challenge social norms of what counts as success, and focus rather on the individual questions and challenges each of us brings into the current situation.

Working on the frontlines of leadership I have developed a passion for supporting other leaders and emerging leaders to meet their full potential in ways that are fulfilling and sustainable and allow them to thrive in all parts of their lives. I have close to 20 years of mentoring, managing and coaching others. I am also fully committed to my own development, realizing that you can only truly be there for others if you are also tending to your own needs. When not coaching, I love traveling, exploring new experiences (most recently tree-top adventuring) and spending time with friends and family.